How to Connect Device?

To get started connecting your device, you'll first need to download the device app. You'll then need to turn on your Bluetooth by clicking on the Bluetooth icon. Log into the device app and bind the device. This is done by clicking on the device name. If you can't find the device name, look for the LE address instead, which can be found in the user manual or within the device itself. When the device has successfully paired, you'll start to receive notifications and access to other important features.

How to Disconnect Device?

To disconnect your device, log into the device app and click unbind. Another way is to disable the phone Bluetooth by clicking on the icon. 

How to Connect to BT Call?

Some devices may require you to connect to Bluetooth twice, under the same name. You'll notice the difference as one allows you to sync contact lists, phonebooks, etc. While the other doesn't. To connect to BT call, click on the Bluetooth icon within your phone. Look for the device name or LE address, and connect. You'll then need to click the little "i" icon by the device name to turn on certain features, such as contact lists, music, etc.

My Device Won't Stay Connected.

If you're having trouble keeping your device connected, you can try resolving the issue by uninstalling the app, reinstalling it, and then reconnecting to Bluetooth. Certain devices have a power-saving mode. If that feature is turned on, it may be the reason you're experiencing such a problem. Its job is to save battery life. So, it often disconnects itself when the device is not in use. 

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